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Low latency multiplayer

The VRee platform provides the developer with easily accessible multiplayer networking code. Send, receive and manage packets with minimal latency. Use the default VRee packets ore expand on them and create your own.

Cross platform

A lot of standard VR hardware devices are supported. From most VR headset to state of the art motion capture tech. For a complete list of all supported hardware visit LIST. If your devices are not on the list we are happy to integrate them for you or create your own custom adapters.

Easy and fast integration

The VRee SDK is easily integrated into your existing project and requires minimal setup. Define what hardware you want to use and define client and server roles and you are ready to go. Make use of our standard provided VR features or use your own.


Exodus Burned

Exodus burned uses the VRee SDK to provide them with full body motion capture using the Xsens mocap suit and the multiplayer to have 4 player setups for their physical esports adventure game. The support of multiple headsets allows them to upgrade to the latest generation of hardware without having to change the structure of their games.

CCT-200 VR assembly Training

Developed by the VRee development team. The training uses ManusVR hand tracking data which is sent through the server to the client and arrives with no noticeable latency. The supported hardware allows us to develop with HTC vive headsets and publish on Oculus Quest when the project will be delivered.


Musician Chagall uses full body motion capture suits as input devices for her Mimu music platform. The movements and poses are translated to music by her midi software. The motion capture is also used to create real time graphics to be used onstage using Unity.


VRee SDK 2.1 live!

The latest version of the VRee SDK is ready to be downloaded! If you're interested in trying our SDK, sign up for a trail license here to take your applications to the next level.

SDK 2.1 coming soon

We are working hard on the VRee SDK version 2.1. In the past months we have integrated new VR peripherals, reworked the hardware integration layer, streamlined our licensing services and simplified the set-up process. Follow our social media and stay tuned for updates!

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